Our Machines Meet the 2014 ADA Vending Requirements

As of March 15th, 2014, vending machines had to start complying with the new Americans With Disabilities Act rules issued by the Department of Justice that was passed in 2012.

The new regulations changed the reach range requirements for vending machines to no higher than 48″, instead of 54″, and no lower than 15″, instead of 9″. Side-reach and other accessibility requirements have also been revised.

The regulations can be viewed here.

The rules apply to public entities, which include any federal, state or local government, and to private entities that offer public accommodations.

If an operator provides several banks of machines at one location, at least one of each machine type — snack, food, beverage or coffee — must be ADA-compliant. Operators will not have to replace existing machines with new ADA-compliant machines at a location, unless the location undergoes alterations or new equipment is brought in.

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