We're Fully Insured

Insurance Matters

When it comes to matters of insurance, “who has it?” and “how much do they have?” are very important “insurance matters” questions worth asking.

OK, enough being cute.  Seriously, when you are contacting vending companies and trying to decide which one to utilize at your place of business, you can’t afford to use a company that isn’t fully and totally insured.

Between our $3 Million Dollar Liability policy, our Workmans’ Comp plan and our overly protective vehicle policy, you’ll never have to worry if something ever goes wrong.  We’re covered. Period.  The proof is below.  Be sure to ask anyone else you call to prove that they are insured as well.  Why? Because when it comes to matters of insurance, insurance matters.

So, now that you’ve seen that we’re fully covered, feel free to give us a call at 954-651-4630 or click the blue button below to contact us.