Food Vending Machines

Refrigerated food vending machine service in South Florida

Refrigerated food vending machines are excellent in places with shift workers (factories), employees working long hours (car dealerships), guests and visitors who may be facing long stays (hospitals) or anywhere else people would want more than just standard vending machine fare. With an adjustable thermostat for temperatures ranging from -20°F to 40°F, the VC-1100 offers a wide range of vending options. Vend a variety of frozen or cold food entrees, including pizzas, sandwiches, Hot Pockets, burritos & more!  Features:

  • Accepts All Coins and $1.00 – $20.00 Bills.
  • Triple Pane Heated Glass Eliminates Condensation and Frost!
  • Product Trays Roll Out and Tilt For Easy Loading & Fast Servicing.
  • Solid State Programmable LCD Display w/ Scrolling Message.
  • Adjustable Thermostat Control From -20°F to 40°F.

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