Flow Meters

A digital flow meter will allow you to know exactly how much water is being consumed on a live basis.

How can you quantify the savings of going from a bottle system to a filtered water system if you can’t track the water quantity?  We suggest the FlowPro Digital Meter. No worries, we take care of set-up, installation and monitoring of the device.

FlowPro FPDM-200 Digital Flow Meter incorporates the advanced microprocessor control circuit and the precisely magnetic turbine sensor to exactly calculate the flow rate and flow volume.

  • Up to five independent capacity settings
  • Digital meter with ability to reset totalizing so users may track total flow in gallons or liters
  • Offers ability to monitor five independent functions, with capacity settings from 100 to 19,900 gallons. (Stages that are not used can be disabled)
  • Audible alarm indicates cartridge replacement

Great for:

  • Multiple stage filtration systems
  • Lab testing whee low flow rates need to be viewed
  • Water coolers
  • Rental units where users are billed on a per gallon basis